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What others are saying

Steffi C.
I just had a Sunday afternoon filled with lots of good advice – I managed to read all the lessons! I used to blog a lot, but that was a few years ago. There is a lot a lot of competitivity, so, I better get the batteries on, follow the wise ones and do something good for my blog! Thanks again. 
Anabel A.
Yooohooo… I’m in top with more than 20 keywords! Thank you! I should have followed your coaching lessons sooner.
Kevin T.
Oh, my. Squirrly is awesome stuff! I installed the plugin days ago but (thanks to your daily training) I was motivated to go deeper into it. The tips explained here regarding snippets and JSON-LD are so refreshing. I couldn’t thank you enough. You made it very comprehensive. I look forward to seeing the difference in my content. This is the best WordPress plugin I’ve discovered thus far.
Laurie P.

Perfect timing! I was just redoing my whole site when I discovered your training sessions. I think it’s amazing that you’re sharing all of these with us.

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