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Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin 2018 – Bigger, Faster, Stronger

When you play the game of product development, win or lose, you keep improving. At all costs.

There’s no other way you can survive the massive amount of competition coming your way, and that’s particularly true in the case of a WordPress SEO plugin; 2018 shapes up to be a highly busy year for the WordPress SEO plugins on the market.

You’ll learn how Squirrly improved in 2017 and what are the upcoming features to keep you steamed up for a SEO-fruitful 2018.

Squirrly SEO 2017 – The Current State of Affairs

Squirrly 2017 has been built to comply with the current Google elements. You can easily identify these upgrades through the green G17 badges in the plugin section:

In 2017, the main accomplishment for the Squirrly SEO Plugin was perfecting the Keyword Research Feature. Not only has its algorithms been significantly fine-tuned for better accuracy and analysis, but it also proved to be a solid alternative to popular tools like MOZ,, or SEMrush.

If you try out the Squirrly 2017 Keyword Research Tool, you’ll get 3 times more long-tail keywords than you got with the 2016 version.

You can increase the precision of your SEO efforts and I’m claiming this because the 2017 keyword research tool offers more accurate insights. While the 2016 version used the ‘low-high’ scale to estimate a particular keyword’s performance in SERPs, the 2017 one came up with a different approach.

The current ‘easy to rank/hard to rank’ scale takes into consideration your site’s authority and compares it with the authority of sites on the first page of Google. If high-ranking sites have high authority on the keyword you are researching, that keyword will be labeled as ‘hard to rank’. Knowing this, you can go on to finding another one that’ll help you outrank competitors.

But that’s not all.

Squirrly 2017 also helped you find better ranking opportunities for 26 Google subdomains. This is relevant for your online business not just because you need the best search queries in a particular country’s language, but also because Squirrly retrieves them according to the local search behavior (i.e. how people search for the same services in different ways across different countries).

Other major features that are fully compliant with the G17 requirements – and will continue to be improved upon – are:

  • The Inspiration Box that helps content writers stay focused on the post they’re editing while also performing the needed research within the space of the same post (I guess it’s needless to point out what a priceless skill focus is nowadays, isn’t it? 🙂 ).
  • In 2017, this feature saw an essential improvement with a button that allows you to inner link to other pages on your website without leaving the editing mode on the current article.
  • The possibility to request an SEO Audit hourly.
  • The Google Rank Checker was also upgraded to comply with a webmaster’s needs in 2017. Namely, more countries you can check your rank for.
  • Extra support channels via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Open Graph major update that enables video content in your shared articles to be viewed by your users directly from their Facebook or social networks feed. Talk about user engagement strategies! This one is pretty powerful – and no other WordPress SEO Plugin does that, really.
  • Integrations with many other WordPress themes and plugins. This means that you won’t need to worry about Squirrly not working with other plugins. In other words, all your plugins will ‘collaborate’ better and will not behave like squabbling siblings anymore.

Change The Game – with Squirrly

The dedication to continuous product development and improvement is not just empty, boastful speech.

Now, before proceeding any further, I need to make a clear breakdown of what the 2018 version is comprised of.

Quick SEO Plugin and Facebook Pixel Integration are separate features that are already part of the Squirrly SEO Plugin family.

We’ll shortly come up with a Q.S.S. (Quick SEO by Squirrly) focused article, but until then, here are the main benefits of using it:

  • controlling how your website listing looks like in search engine SERPs
  • controlling the way your articles look within social media feeds
  • giving you quick access to the above features
  • preview of how your website listing will look like in social media and search engine feeds
  • handy optimization of category pages and tags (you can read here why they’re so important)
  • options for: robots.txt file, no link juice, no follow
  • metadata settings
  • OG (Open Graph) settings for Facebook and Twitter

In fact, how about you take a look at how Quick SEO by Squirrly actually works? Learn more with the video of the launch event:

Squirrly 2018 gives you absolute control over your site and what Google shows or doesn’t.

Within the Business Plan, Squirrly SEO Plugin will check your website’s rankings using our servers. Again, this leads to much more accurate results than you’d get via your servers because the whole process is based on objective factors.

Control Facebook Marketing to the Finest of Details

Facebook has made it easier for eCommerce sites to track their performance and analyze their audiences for better targeting. That’s why they developed the Facebook Pixel tool.

If you have a Facebook business page, you’ll want to use this tool for monitoring:

  • lead conversions
  • Facebook campaigns analytics
  • fine-tuned Facebook audience targeting
  • proficient user segmentation

To integrate these tracking goodies into your WordPress site, you’d need to insert some lines of code.

But who has time – and resources – for that, right?

Luckily, Squirrly 2018 already has a Facebook Pixel integration in place, so you get all the benefits just by inserting your Pixel code. Here’s how you can do this from your WordPress dashboard:

2018 brings some more exciting news: your eCommerce will track its Facebook campaigns by getting specific user behavior insights. You’ll learn who likes, shares or clicks on your products, for instance.

Can you imagine how much better targeted will your Facebook marketing – AND remarketing – campaigns be? You’ll get advanced insights and analytics right inside your dashboard. Remember, that’s without having to write a single line of code.

Something like this would do, am I right?

2018 Is Also about Learning More

We’re super happy knowing we give you all the necessary info to use the tool to its fullest.

Too many educational resources never hurt anybody, did they? So apart from the GetGrowth YouTube channel, Florin and Alexandra came up with yet another idea that empowers everyone to get better at SEO stuff.

I’m talking about the new Home SEO series – specially designed for those who want to take matters into their own hands and DIY their SEO quickly and effectively.

Pro tip: you can find some of the SEO tips and tricks included in the resources above if you follow the Twitter account where they post brief lessons each Monday and Tuesday. So if you’re like me and like to hang out on Twitter, it may be the perfect way for you to get these lessons.

eCommerce SEO Done Right

At the end of 2016, revealed the top sources driving sales and traffic for eCommerce sites. Turns out, search-driven traffic made for a solid 34%. This means that out of 100 people landing on your eCommerce website, 34 learned about your business by performing search engine inquiries based on keywords.

Here’s where SEO is instrumental.

Having it in place means:

  • Prospective clients DO find you among those first Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
  • Your website listing in said SERPs gives enough information for people to identify you as a trustworthy brand.
  • The page snippet of the content you’re sharing is displayed in the search results as a rich object (customized written and media content that really conveys an accurate and also polished idea of what your company has to offer). This is valid both for content featured on social networks and on search engines listings.
  • For each of the above SEO essentials eCommerce sites have to take care of, Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin 2018 comes up with a suite of powerful settings that have been upgraded in 2017 and are to be further developed in 2018.

Here’s the line-up:

  1. JSON-LD semantic SEO markup
  2. Open Graph Settings
  3. Social Profiles Tracking and Rich Pins Validator
  4. Snippet Tool for posts
  5. Duplicate Removal Tool and XML Sitemap Generator

Of course, every website owner needs to have these SEO settings all set-up, online retailers even more so. With so many product pages, their website architecture is more complex and thus is prone to generating more duplicates that eventually pile up and determine Google to tax their ranking.

You can avoid being one of them – if you start using Squirrly SEO Plugin to the maximum. 


That’s the count for current Squirrly features that help eCommerce websites work hand in hand with Google bots.

Bonus tip: type ‘’ into your browser and you’ll land on this public Trello board where they documented all their current and incoming updates and ideas.

This is basically them spilling the beans on what happens behind the scenes. What do they have to gain by doing so?

Oh well, just a strong belief that by letting you know what’s behind the product development process of a WordPress SEO plugin 2018, you understand the real work put into offering you the best experience.

Oh, and one more thing.

You can actually be featured on this board and contribute to improvements that will help you in the first place. Just go to their  Twitter profile and write to them. Type in whatever your SEO heart desires and they could actually turn it into a feature on the SEO Settings panel.

Squirrly – A WordPress SEO Plugin 2018 Can’t Come Soon Enough For

And now, story time!

Once upon a time, there was a squirrel that wanted to store its stash of resources in a safe place, so it found a tree that looked solid enough to face whatever incoming storms. It saw a hollow that served its needs, but soon that was not enough. The squirrel needed more items in the shelter and this is how a tree in the house was built, then new strategic places popped up.

But it was all in vain without other squirrels that could share the benefits of that whole setup. So our squirrel brought in some fellow forest creatures. Hooray! Now there was a happy bunch working together towards growing a strong community.

The squirrel whose story I’ve just revealed is – you may have guessed – Squirrly.

All of you are about to improve in the content creation department. Ease of access and workflow improvements will contribute to a major change in the dynamics of your writing life. I mean, even Neil Patel has recently professed his appreciation (again!) for this SEO Plugin and his words are all out there for everyone to read.

And remember: when you buy Squirrly SEO Plugin, you’re offered everything you need to get from ‘never found’ to ‘always found’.

Plus, you can get a suite of SEO tools that’ll boost your rankings and create the premises for you to become a better writer, as well as a better marketer and online retailer.

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