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Why ? – Because, you’ll be Powered by Focus Pages

Focus Pages

Your Strategy Assistant and the BEST Consultant you’ll ever have. It takes a look at all the aspects Google needs to see on your site and helps you make all the changes required by Google. It will tell you how to create new content, and so much more.

The SEO Live Assistant

Its purpose is to help you get 100% optimization and the green lights from the interface will show you when it’s “safe” to publish the content you were working on.

It Plays nice with the other kids.

The PRO Plan for Squirrly SEO that you buy today can be used together with other plugin you may have on your WP site at the moment.

  • If you choose to keep the others, Squirrly SEO will add 6 times more functionality to your WordPress SEO anyway.


  • Your website will have zero duplicate META elements, zero duplicate open graph. It will be (in one word): perfect.
  • Works together with Yoast, All In One SEO and the rest.


  • When you decide to use ONLY Squirrly SEO going forward, you’ll be safe to do so; Squirrly SEO will keep all the optimization made inside the other plugins active, even after you delete those plugins.

    4 Facts that prove Squirrly is really working for you

    Visits & Traffic

    The study we’ve made with over 16,500 people showed a +285% average increase in traffic after optimizing the articles with the SEO Live Assistant.

    The best thing, however, is that NOT only will you get more traffic by having better on-page SEO, but the Live Assistant will also help you write content that’s awesome to read, which will drive up the number of visits by any person on your site.

    Attention to data

    You start using Squirrly’s Performance Analytics where it shows you the rankings on Google for all your latest pages, the optimization levels, the social media signals, your best performing social media channels, etc.

    After using this you’ll start paying a lot more attention to data, so you won’t only hope for results anymore. You’ll measure your results and in time, you’ll start making better-studied assumptions as to what kind of content you’ll need to create.

    30% Increase for SEO Audtit Score

    30% of the people who use Squirrly increase the Score on their SEO Audit. Squirrly shows you how to increase the score and this percentage shows that people do actually get higher scores because of what they learn through the Audit tool.

    Correct website structure

    A lot of plugins for SEO help with settings. Obviously. What’s not so obvious though is that these plugins are so hard to use, that you as a user, can almost never get anything right for the SEO in the Audit.

    With Squirrly, however, you’ll be able to easily correct all the SEO issues of your Audit.

    And all these features

    • Unlimited Content Optimizations with the SEO Live Assistant
    • Images you can use, that are copyright free
    • Full Featured SEO-Advice as you’re typing the text for your new page
    • Unlimited Articles for which you can optimize by multiple keywords.
    • Google Rankings (displayed with Local SEO value, which you can’t get if you search yourself. We show un-biased results)
    • SEO Audit PRO (made for 100 pages)
    • 5 Focus Pages for every website. 35 Focus Pages in total for your new PRO Account. It’s an amazing deal
    • 100 Pages that get checked for Duplicate Description, Duplicate Titles and other technical SEO elements that can severely bring your site down in rankings
    • Analytics function for each page in your site. See Authority, DA, PA and Social Metrics. (up to 100 pages)
    • Optimize Content to 100%, not just 30% as you do on the Free plan
    • Insert Tweets, Wikis and Blog Articles or just mention them in your posts
    • It will get you Excellent SEO on all your articles, all pages, all products, for all your sites.
    • 7 WordPress sites on which you can install it. Must own them.
    • 100 keyword researches (every single month it renews)
    • Customer Service
    • Updates on the PRO Version for everything new that we make available to PRO. You’ll always get the next product versions, without having to purchase extra packages.
    • WordPress plugin


    Where do I Pay? What’s your Paypal?

    You can pay at: http://sites.fastspring.com/squirrly/product/oldsquirrly

    We work with FastSpring (an Inc. 500 company), but you can pay with PayPal.

    Why do you give 200 Features and the rest of the SEO plugins just 20?

    Our plugin is the most complex SEO tool for WordPress. It offers the power of HubSpot’s SEO features, MOZ’s SEO Features, SEMrush’s SEO features. It’s really powerful and we approach SEO in a holistic way. The other plugins and just for a few SEO site settings like an XML sitemap or a META description. They don’t offer all that’s needed to gain Excellent SEO on WordPress.

    How Many People Pay for Squirrly Already?

    There are over 3,900 active subscriptions for Squirrly at the moment and over 2,130,000 downloads on the WordPress Directory

    Do You Offer Refunds?

    NO. We do not offer refunds. Buy after testing out the free version. If the free version works, this one will work in your WordPress as well.

    Thanks for ordering this. The update to your account will be made automatically!

    Best regards, Florin Muresan CEO of Squirrly