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Start Exploring the Full Potential of Squirrly’s Business Level SERP Checker

Thank you for starting a 7-Days Free Trial and giving our business plan a try!

We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to explore some of the premium features and extended capabilities that we’ve included in the Squirrly SEO Business Plan.

To do so, it’s important to properly set up your account.

In the presentation below, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to set-up and use the Business SERP Checker.

Here is an overview of what’s included in the presentation:

  • How to set up and use Rankings from Squirrly SEO;
  • How to select the country for which you want Squirrly to check the Google rank;
  • How to add keywords to be rank-checked;
  • How to check how many queries you have left;
  • How to access powerful performance analytics;
  • and more.

Make sure to go through the presentation below, step-by-step. Every item on this checklist is super important.

This will set you up for success and ensure you’re off to a good start in terms of maximizing this opportunity and begin using your Business plan at its full potential.

Hit start.

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Ricardo Turner
Ricardo Turner

Every day I want to work more for my website, I start with the Google SERP Checker feature because it can tell me the exact position of my pages. It always helps me to decide which page needs more attention from me and which not.

Anika Ramesh
Anika Ramesh

This looks easy enough.

Randall George
Randall George

Oh, never knew that I could synchronize keywords with Google Search Console. Thank you for the screenshots.

Irina Pogor
Admin – it’s a great resource for everyone using Squirrly SEO. Lots more screenshots and feature guides available there. 🙂

Olive Patton
Olive Patton

How do I add keywords to the Rankings section of Squirrly to be monitored? thanks

Irina Pogor

Hi, Olive! Thank you for your question. This shows you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this. Hope it helps. 🙂