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Why Does Neil Patel Use Squirrly SEO For Every Blog Post that He Publishes?

Glad to see you here in our Coaching Session class.

We initially created this coaching session as a series of lessons at the end of which you’ll be super close to becoming an SEO Superstar.

It’s not only about what we teach you; it’s also about what you do with your WordPress site after learning everything.

The idea is to keep learning. That way, you’ll keep moving forward.

Practical Things You’ll Learn in this Lesson:

  • How to choose the keyword you want your page to focus on
  • How to optimize a page in your site for Google
  • Why is SEO important for your strategy

Part 1 – Keyword Research from Squirrly SEO 

Squirrly is simply a complete SEO powerhouse for WordPress, and we have Neil Patel (a recognized expert) agreeing with us on this one.

Neil Patel mentions in his article that only a handful of bloggers have access to the right queries that Squirrly provides.

There are many benefits you can get by using Squirrly SEO, but right now I want to show you the Keyword Research Feature.

You’ll be able to find amazing long-tail keywords to rank for on the first page of Google directly from our Keyword Research.

This is what will change the game for you online, whether you’re a blogger, a side-hustler, or a full-time online shop owner.

After installing and activating the plugin, you can do a keyword research right from your WordPress site.

You just need to go to the Research Tab> Find Keywords> to open the keyword research tool.

After you do that, it will look something like this.

By entering a keyword, the plugin will start searching the main Internet databanks that have been built for SEO and return long-tail keywords that you can easily rank for.

When I say YOU, I really mean you and your site. The algorithm is super-advanced, and it takes into account the authority you have for those keywords on Google vs. the authority of competing websites for the same keywords.

The data we use is created for SEO purposes, unlike Google’s Keyword Planner which has been designed to help only with Google AdWords campaigns.

Other than what I’ve mentioned above, the algorithm also takes other significant factors into account, such as:

  • How many people discuss that topic on Quora, Forums, social media;
  • The trend of the subject. If it was trending years ago, then it’s no longer relevant, and we’ll give it a lower score. That way, we make sure the content you create stays relevant.

Creating long-form content using the keywords you find is always an excellent way to get your articles indexed.

Here are 4 main aspects to look at when choosing a keyword for your page:

  • The number of words. Ideally, you want to go for keywords that have 3 or more terms because big media sites or news outlets already rank for terms formed of 2 words. Also, using more words will help you respond to your audience’s needs and help them find your content much easier.
  • Competition. Choosing a keyword with high competition won’t help you bring too much organic traffic to your site. If you want to rank on the first pages of Google, then you need to pick a keyword that doesn’t have a lot of competition.
  • Search volume. Let’s say you’ve found a long-tail keyword that’s easy to rank for. That’s great! Or is it? If the search volume for that term is very low, then it’s not that great of a keyword. Why? Because it means that very few people are searching for that term, so you’ll be getting little to zero organic traffic.
  • Trend. Trending keywords can bring you a lot of organic traffic, so we recommend using them if you find some good ones during your research. When a term is trending, it means that a lot of people search for the topic on search engines during that particular moment in time. It surfaces the things that are popular now, or are on their way to becoming super popular soon.

There is also the advanced mode, where you can even search for keywords based on different countries. All you have to do is select the country (as shown below).

Part 2 – Why Does Neil Patel Use Squirrly SEO?

Now that you’ve chosen your keyword, you’ll want to start optimizing a post/page using it. You can do that with the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant, which is our most popular feature.

It’s a screenshot from Neil Patel’s article: 10 Time-Saving Blogging Tools You Need to Use

This feature is the reason he uses Squirrly each time he creates a new post. The Live Assistant is the part that helps you most in optimizing your content for humans, as well as for Google.

The purpose is to turn every white element from the Live Assistant to Green, and not have any red sections. 

Here are the main benefits of using the Squirrly Live SEO Assistant:

  • It lets you know whether you’re stuffing your pages with the same keyword
  • It helps you write content that won’t push away human readers
  • Your optimized pages will rank higher on Google
  • You will lower your bounce rate
  • Read PART 3 of this lesson to see more about the results you can get with this tool.

The over-optimization check is necessary, and it’s not always obvious. That’s why we built a feature to help you avoid any potential threats to your rankings.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on optimizing an article with the Live Assistant:

If you want to see the Live Assistant’s components explained, you can check out this article.

The reason why even experts like Neil Patel use this plugin is that it saves a lot of time for content creation and it helps with quality assurance as well.

If you see all those lights turning green in the interface, it means that you can hit Publish.

You no longer have to rely on guesswork to make sure you have 100% SEO on your blog postsproduct pages or landing pages.

Part 3 – Why Use the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant for Your WordPress Pages?

Websites which are not optimized tend to under-perform. Optimizing is done by turning all the lights green inside of the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant.

1) In a study published by, it was shown that content that was not optimized for being found on search engines by the desired audience had very weak performance over time.

This Live Assistant is something that Neil uses every time he creates a new post, because it’s the easiest way of getting your content 100% Optimized for Both Humans and Search Engines.

If you get it 100% Optimized, you maximize the chances of making that piece of content super successful on search engines.

When Squirrly first came out as a product, it was the tool that helped people get Perfect SEO Articles.

Why is using the Live Assistant so important?

The Forbes study shows that only 1 in 10 published articles have the chance of making it big on search engines. The reason behind that is: writers usually don’t optimize the written words inside the content they produce using a clear set of rules.

At Squirrly, we’ve always been fascinated with big tech publications like Mashable and TechCrunch, and we’ve seen that the articles which are found on Google and written by these blogging giants pass the 100% optimization score of the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant.

Which means that they actively optimize their content. They invest a lot of effort into this.

You don’t need to know anything about SEO when writing words on your pages.

If you follow the instructions that Squirrly’s SEO Live Assistant gives you, you’ll instantly be as awesome as the writers from TechCrunch and Mashable, when it comes down to search engine optimized content.

One more thing to think about: this is an important study made on a pretty big sample size:

they (numbers in the report) were generated in part by examining traffic patterns – measured via organic page views (meaning traffic from SEO) – for more than 110,000 pages and 32 million page views over dozens of websites from June 2012 through May 2013.

Here’s a quote from the Forbes article by Skip Besthoff:

“If I told you that only 20% of your content is doing anything for you regarding traffic generation, you’d either fire all of your writers, or you just wouldn’t publish anything that they’ve generated for you.” 

2) In a study made by Squirrly, it was shown that the optimized content managed to bring an increase in readership of over +285%, and in some cases, it was even as much as +500%. You can see more about this study here.

Our own study was made on 49,000 WordPress sites, and the increase happened only for the articles that were optimized more than 50% using the SEO Live Assistant.

Discover the success stories of Squirrly users that used this tactic.

The rest of the articles under-performed and the only traction they managed to get was from social media sites where they’d been promoted, but close-to-nothing came organically from search engines.

Go Forward

Now you know why it’s important to write articles that make sense for search engines and you’re better prepared for starting your SEO journey. 

Go ahead and accomplish your tasks for this Lesson.  You’ll get closer to reaching the top positions on Google with your pages.

Your goals for this Lesson:

  • Choose a keyword you want to target in a page
  • Publish an article you’ve optimized using the Live Assistant (over 50%)
  • Come up with 2 reasons why SEO is important for your strategy


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That is really valuable and useful information, thanks, Alan


Congratulations! Your article is 100% optimized was great to receive this mesage today. I’m learning a lot in the Squirrly program, thanks !

Erica Hodges
Erica Hodges

Ok, do you know how in cartoons there’s a lightbulb on top of your head when you have an idea or understand something? well that was me today. I did my first keyword research using squirrly, and I think I’m getting the hang of it. I may even be ready for some more advanced stuff.

Ricardo Turner
Ricardo Turner

Very useful, especially the part about optimizing your article 100% with the live assistant. I used to wing it when it came to optimization. I made sure to have the keyword in my title and in content as well, but never thought I need to use it as the image alt text. Cheers!

Randall George
Randall George

I just love it when I see those green notifications on top of the screen when I’m writing my articles. And seeing that 100% optimized message makes me feel so great and accomplished. You know, like I know what I’m doing. No wonder Neil Patel likes this plugin so much.

Viola Welch
Viola Welch

Never thought that writing SEO articles can actually be fun. With Squirrly, writing any kind of article is just fun. I don’t need to keep track of all the SEO elements myself. Squirrly does it for me. which means I can focus on writing, which is nice..

Irina Pogor

That’s great feedback for us, Viola! Thank you. We’ve actually written an article on how the SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly SEO helps you do on-page SEO like a PRO where we talked more about this. Feel free to check it out here: