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Florin Muresan’s Experience as a SEO Trainer

Florin Muresan is an internationally renowned Expert in Digital Marketing, with a Strong Focus on SEO Strategies. Having taught over 139,000 students world-wide to this very date, Florin knows that Strategy is everything.

From his experiences and the experiences of all his students it turns out that the most important thing is to build a solid strategy and have a solid game plan. Before you even think of optimizing your pages.

Being CEO of Squirrly has earned me quite the name, but my journey in SEO started many years before that. By the time I started the Squirrly Company in London, United Kingdom, in 2012, I had already worked with over 500 companies. That’s like 7 years of working in Website Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Blogging, before the 6 years of being CEO of Squirrly.

My Mission is to take all the things I’ve learned working closely with these companies and turning it into Digital Assistants that help business owners overcome marketing challenges and reach their objectives. (my Business 3.0 theory)

Even though Search Engine Optimization is such a complex field, the problems which usually appear are the same. Due to my knowledge on the matter I’m in an amazingly unique position to solve SEO Strategy problems for millions of companies through the software we’re creating.

Since starting Squirrly, I’ve taught over 139,000 people different SEO strategies and other digital marketing subjects.

I’ve been featured by the Delivering Happiness Movement for some of my Digital marketing ideas and they also made me a VHP (VIP of their program).

On my personal website: you can see my experience in many fields.

On LinkedIN you can see that I’m always invited to conferences and business events as a Speaker and Mentor.

I guess teaching people in over 90 countries around the globe has it’s benefits.

Some of the stages I’ve been on:

Helping business owners and marketers gain better SEO results is my passion. Whenever I’m in London or in Cluj-Napoca I have people asking me to meet downtown and show them what they’re doing wrong and why they aren’t getting results.

I love doing that, because it helps me keep updated with everything, while we’re working on our own software.

Just by looking at a website, I can spot at least 20 huge SEO problems which are reasons why their sites aren’t ranking.

These meetings and these events (where I also network with many business owners) helped me shape up: the Backlinks Assistant, the Squirrly 2019: SEO Strategy software and Squirrly SPY (Spy on Your Competitors)

Over this coaching session I’ll teach you many useful skills, so stay hungry and always be ready to improve your skills.

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My goal is to turn you from a non-SEO expert to a WordPress SEO Superstar.
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